“Many times when I sell a vintage piece, antique or clothing item, it’s because it evokes a fond memory from the past for that person. It could be because they recall their grandmother always wearing a hat or gloves to church or a purse their mother had and they had admired but were too young to have one that nice.

I want people to know that good fashion is “timeless”.  The “Little Black Dress” has never gone out of style.

Clothes were unique 50 years ago, better quality, better made, beautiful buttons. That’s why so many withstand their age and still look and feel beautiful if the original owner took care of the item.

 I have an appreciation for the timeless pieces and like to be “different” and set apart. Vintage turns heads. It’s beautiful and you feel beautiful wearing it! I’ve sold vintage for over 10 years and live among it daily in my attire and the furniture in my home. I eat, breathe and live it. ”            

Marcia Kelly (Owner)

The idea behind My Sister’s Closet Vintage stemmed from childhood.

My younger sister, Patty, and I shared jewelry, clothing and accessories growing up, at times reluctantly, as I’m the eldest by four years.

However,  as we grew up our tastes coincided and we still share and shop together to this day!  Patty has great taste!

“THIS place is the BEST! Its upbeat, cool, clothes are in excellent condition – its top! Marcia is FAB & is extremely knowledgeable in this industry! Fun Fun Fun!”
Brenda H.
“Marcia is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and she also has some of the most awesome clothes I’ve ever seen. I will definitely shop here again!”
Michelle W.
“Fabulous unique clothes that you can find no where else along with lovely hats and items to make your outfit one of a kind. Enjoy a day trip with your friends and have lunch nearby!”
Lynda C.